Christmas 2019

Cakeshop Gift Ideas

Dayap Pastillas Jar and Pouch

Dayap Pastillas

Made from the most basic ingredients for a traditional taste, we made sure they aren't short on the Dayap flavor by mixing in both the fruit’s zest and rind, and balled them up to a two-bite piece (one bite if you like them sticking to your teeth!) Milky and chewy with candied Dayap rind, just like in the family recipe book.

Jar (16 pcs): 220
Stand-up Pouch (32 pcs): 300


Ensaymada Box of 4

Quezo de Bola Ensaymada

Our take follows the classic brioche recipe, which means it’s enriched with butter and lots of egg yolk, giving the dough a natural yellow color. Brioche, when kneaded and risen well, also becomes soft but springy, making the sweet bread a rich and filling treat, especially with its distinct flavors of real butter, sugar and loads of quezo de bola.

For this gift-giving season, we've selected a reusable container as for its packaging, so you can easily store your Ensaymada (in your shelf or freezer) if it will not be consumed right away.

Box of 4 (Regular Ensaymada): 600
Box of 9 (Small Ensaymada): 600


Polvoron Box

Classic Polvoron

This recipe is so timeless that it has outlasted the post-World War 2 KLIM powdered milk. But while KLIM is long gone in the local market, 60 years later, we continue to use full cream powdered milk for our polvoron. Its sweet-salty profile emerges from being carefully toasted with all-purpose flour and margarine. Individually-wrapped in holiday-colored tissue is the only way we serve them in Christmas!

Box of 24 pcs: 230


Spritsar with BoxSpritsar Cookies

Swedish almond-flavored butter cookies.

Box (1/2 lb.): 230
Cup: 120


chocolate chip cookiesChocolate Chip Cookies

Semi-sweet chocolate chips and chopped walnuts in a sweet-salty dough.

Box (1/2 lb.): 290
Cup: 170


cookie bars, chocolate chip bars, fudge walnut brownies, mixed barsCookie Bars

When you want those cookie flavors but in bigger bites, you will enjoy these chocolate-y cookie bars. Each box contains a mix of moist Fudge Walnut Brownies and Chocolate Chips Bars.

Box (16 bars): 490
Cup (10 bite-size squares): 170


Devil's Food Cake, Dayap Chiffon Cake

Our best-selling, year-round cake flavors can also be ordered in a Christmas motif. Just tell your order-taker or mention when placing an email/DM order.

Devil's Food Cake

Deep rich chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, both made with Hershey's semi-sweet chocolate, and coated in marshmallow frosting.

9"-round 900

6"-round 490*

4"-round 180*


Dayap Chiffon Cake

Three-layered moist chiffon cake with dayap caramel filling, frosted with marshmallow icing and candied dayap rind.

9"-round 1000

6"-round 530

4"-round 190*

*Shown in picture

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